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Hi Guess the Movie: Film Quiz


So you call yourself a movie buff?? Well, you might have already seen millions of them, but how many can you actually recall when seeing images of those movie characters?Complete the level by guessing the full name of the movie from a group of scrambled letters. Which category are you good at? Wanna guess by genres? Options vary from action, animation, drama, TV show and so on. Or feeling like more fun to guess from movie stars & celebrities? Or you can even play by its time slot: 2013, 2014 or top movies in 2015?
Choose one category to start with and unlock for more surprising challenges!!
What we offer:
Top rating movies from imdb/Flixster/Popcorn TimeAll genres of blockbusters that you could possibly think ofReal & cool poster-like images from the hottest top movies Our artists’ one and only vivid drawing
Don’t bother heading to the theatres/cinemas? Now you can still have an awesome movie experience with this APP!!
Addictive trivia quiz gameHigh Quality of GraphicsFacebook Connect Helpful hintsOngoing UpdatesNo Complex RulesUnlimited Fun and joyCompletely FREE to play
Get stuck by one particular question? No worries!! There are 4 helpers you can choose from:
Click on in-app button to reach out to your Facebook friendsUse “Reveal Letter” function to have one letter revealedUse “Remove Letter” function to have one useless letter removedUse “Reveal Answer” function to get the answer and go to the next puzzle
What are you waiting for then? Get this app immediately and find out what level of movie maniac are you!
Don’t forget to bring your family/friends along with you and see who is the real master here! OR teaming up together & get all pictures solved like a PRO!
Thank you for the ongoing support and love for Hi Studio Games Production. Please do check out our other popular games, too.